Is waist training okay for your ribs?

Can you shift your ribs during waist training? The most uncomfortable is yes, you can. If you’re wearing an ice-cream cone-styled waist cincher, you will notice how fast it shifts the torso flesh towards and inside, temporarily decreasing the rib cage. Even studies conducted by Valerie Steele, the author of The Corset: A Culture History has proven that indeed, waist training can change the shape of your ribs.

corsetLike Bret, an ex-waist training coaching programing enrollee, there are several stories of how these types of waist trainers can cause your rib to slim over time. It might take a year or more of wearing it almost daily, but from other users’ experiences, we know it’s not impossible. She may not fully enjoy the promises of wearing a corset, but she was able to develop a more definite hourglass body shape.

According to Catherine Jung, it won’t be necessary to remove her ribs, because wearing her corset all day and night was able to decrease her waistline for around 17 inches. However, every time she removes her undergarment, the ribs and the flesh push back to their normal shapes, which what we would expect in a waist trainer.

A lot of other people, both women and men are trying to use the best waist trainer to also change their ribs. However, there are only a few websites which provide authentic and safe information regarding this method.

Health concerns wearing waist trainers have been exceedingly overemphasized for the past years. But, if you’re a fit and healthy person, it will be less likely you’ll break a rib while waist training. It’s nearly impossible to do since you’ll have to exert more force to actually break even a single rib. This rib-breaking theory is definitely just a myth originated in the Victorian times, where wearing corsets was popularly known.