Is Border Tile More Cost Effective?

downloadFor people looking to design their new house or revamp existing ones, using tiles is a great option. The major benefits of having tiles is that t easy to use, clean, maintain and instantly gives a new look. When it comes to designing the interiors of a bathroom, people tend to look for easy to maintain yet serene materials. There are a host of bathroom tiling ideas and one of them is the border tile.

Border is the most cost effective and cheaper way to amp up your bathroom feel. You do not have to spend a whole lot of resources into buying expensive design tiles. Adding a strip of border tiles over simple monochrome tiles can add a personal touch to your bathroom. In case you already have a tiled wall in the bathroom, you can change the feel by just adding a border tile. Border tiles come in a huge variety of designs. From plain to graphic.


Durability And A Global Feel Coupled In Window Shutters Make Them Irresistible!

Window shutters are made up of different materials to suit different needs of the people all over the world. As the demand for them is increasing, manufacturers are encouraged to invest and create more styles using various materials.

Although, over the past years wood has remained the prime option for many people because of its durability and aesthetic finish. There are also other materials like waterproof ones, plastics and Poly Vinyl. They can be mounted in any environment and in any place without any hassle. Timber Shades are the most popular in the market for window shutters.

The waterproof and poly vinyl types are mostly done in wetter rooms like bathrooms. The waterproof exterior ones are also erected in places where the rain and storms are more. People may choose cheaper wood but the question in place would be their durability and flexibility.